K2HDKC DBaaS (Database as a Service for K2HDKC) is a Database as a Service that is provided by Trove(Trove is Database as a Service for OpenStack) which incorporates K2HDKC(K2Hash based Distributed Kvs Cluster) as one of the Database.
K2HDKC DBaaS is one of AntPickax’s open source product by Yahoo! JAPAN.



Overview about K2HDKC DBaaS.

What’s new

What’s new about K2HDKC DBaaS.

Build a trial environment

How to easily build a K2HDKC DBaaS system for trial use from source code on Github.


How to use K2HDKC DBaaS to build/start K2HDKC cluster and K2HDKC slave node easily.

About AntPickax

AntPickax is product group that is provided as open source by Yahoo! JAPAN.
Please see the AntPickax details page.