K2HDKC DBaaS (Database as a Service for K2HDKC) is a Database as a Service that uses K2HR3 and works with OpenStack and kubernetes to build a K2HDKC(K2Hash based Distributed Kvs Cluster) Cluster for distributed KVS.

We have two products for K2HDKC DBaaS (Database as a Service for K2HDKC) that cooperates with OpenStack.

One is K2HDKC DBaaS that can be operated from Trove(Trove is Database as a Service for OpenStack) by incorporating K2HDKC as one of the databases managed by Trove.

The other is a command line tool called K2HDKC DBaaS CLI (Command Line Interface) that allows you to build up K2HDKC cluster directly without using Trove.

It also provides a command line tool called K2HDKC DBaaS on kubernetes CLI (Command Line Interface) for building up K2HDKC clusters inside kubernetes clusters.

K2HDKC DBaaS is one of AntPickax’s open source product by Yahoo! JAPAN.



Overview about K2HDKC DBaaS.

Below is an overview of each type of K2HDKC DBaaS.

What’s new

What’s new about K2HDKC DBaaS.

Source code

Each K2HDKC DBaaS source code is in the Github repository shown below.


How to use all K2HDKC DBaaS is explained in Usage.

You can also refer directly to the links below for how to use each K2HDKC DBaaS.

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